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Nickel Quilts
Nickel Quilts from That Patchwork Place. Great Designs for 5-inch squares.
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Ref # B543      $27.95 book         Quantity:  

Simply Strips and Squares
Simply Strips and Squares by Suzanne McNeill for Design Originals has patterns using 5" squares and 2 1/2" strips.
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Ref # BK5331      $18.99 book         Quantity:  

Strippin" Time project of the month patterns for jelly rolls, fat quarters and stash fabrics. From Design Originals.
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Ref # 5311      $19.99 book         Quantity:  

Turning Twenty Again
Turning Twenty Again by Tricia Cribbs. Only 20 fat quarters for a fast and easy quilt.
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Ref # T20A      $10.00 book         Quantity:  

Dressed to Chill
Dressed to Chill by Jan Kornfeind of Counrty Appliques has done a great job with these 9 Snowman projects.
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Ref # 3929      $13.95 book         Quantity:  

Turning Twenty Around The Block
Turning Twenty Around The Block is #3 in the series. 20 fat quarters done up fast and easy.
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Ref # BK3      $11.00 book         Quantity:  

Let's Do Lunch
Let's Do Lunch Tote Bags and Table Runners for every Occassion. From Atkinson Designs
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Ref # ATK606      $16.95 book         Quantity:  

Strip Favorites
Strip Favorites features 8 quilts using jelly rolls or just use your 2 1/2" strips.
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Ref # 5336      $18.99 book         Quantity:  

Quilts For The Dorm
Quilts For The Dorm by Debbie Bowles for Maple Island Quilts has great projects to fit those extra long dorm beds.
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Ref # MIQ29      $17.25 book         Quantity:  

Joy Joy Joy
Joy Joy Joy by Debbie Mumm is full of quilts, crafts and gifts
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Ref # DM4405      $19.95 book         Quantity:  

Special Occassion Wall Hangings
Special Occassion Wall Hangings by Julie Bohringer for Patch Abilities features 8 quick and easy seasonal projects.
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Ref # B3964      $11.95 book         Quantity:  

Easy Does It Patriotic
Easy Does It Patriotic by Nancy Halvorsen for Art To Heart.
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Ref # 524B      $17.00 book         Quantity:  

Super Simple Quilts #1
Super Simple Quilts #1 with Alex Anderson and Liz Aneloski features nine quilt options from 1 supply list.
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Ref # SSQ1      $9.95 book         Quantity:  

Turning Twenty Feelin' Groovy Book 4
Turning Twenty Feelin' Groovy Book 4 has 14 easy projects using fat quarters and some chenille.
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Ref # TT4      $14.95 book         Quantity:  

Marsh McCloskey's Block Party
Marsha McCloskey's Block Party features 120 rotary-cut block patterns. Mix and match 9-inch blocks for hundreds of quilt designs.
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Ref # BK3771      $18.95 book         Quantity:  

Classic Country Christmas
Thimbleberries Classic Country Christmas by Lynette Jensen has decorating,entertaining and quilting inspirations for celebrating all through the house.
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Ref # TB-LJ      $24.95 book         Quantity:  

Turning Twenty Slapplique
Turning Twenty Slapplique by Tricia Cribbs is Book 6 in the series. 6 new Turning Twenty patterns.
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Ref # turnbook6      $22.00 book         Quantity:  

Fatty, Fatty, 2 x 4
Fatty, Fatty, 2 x 4 by Lynette Jensen. Directions from throw size up to king.
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Ref # LJ92367      $9.00 book         Quantity:  

Classics from Gathering Friends. Lots of great quilts, wall hangings and runners.
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Ref # GF-115      $25.00 book         Quantity:  

Runner Crazy
Runner Crazy from Gathering Friends.
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Ref # GF-116      $20.00 book         Quantity:  

Northwoods Crossing
Northwoods Crossing from Gathering Friends.
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Ref # GF-117      $20.00 book         Quantity:  

Let's Quilt
Let's Quilt by Ann Kisro from That Patchwork Place. Easy projects for beginning quilters.
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Ref # B763      $18.95 book         Quantity:  

9-Patch Pizzazz
9-Patch Pizzazz by Judy Sisneros. Fast, fun and finished in a Day.
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Ref # JSisn      $16.95 book         Quantity:  

Venture North
Venture North from Gathering Friends.
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Ref # GF-122      $20.00 book         Quantity:  

Simply Done
Simply Done from Gathering Friends.
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Ref # GF-121      $20.00 book         Quantity:  

Big Blocks, Big Quilts
BIG Blocks, BIG Quilts by Suzanna McNeill for Design Originals. 11 quilts with 10"x10" squares.
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Ref # 5335      $18.99 book         Quantity:  

Big Block Quilts
Big Block Quilts Using Layer Cakes, Fat Quarteras and 5" squares.
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Ref # BBQ      $20.00 book         Quantity:  

Laps from Fats for Family & Friends
Laps from Fats for Family & Friends. Book 3
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Ref # GI-17      $22.95 book         Quantity:  

Every Month
Every Month A table runner for every month.
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Ref # JK1001      $24.00 book         Quantity:  

French Braid Quilts
French Braid Quilts by Jane hardy Miller.
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Ref # FBQ      $24.95 book         Quantity:  

Stars by Magic
Stars by Magic Super easy. Perfect points and no Y-seams.
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Ref # Star      $28.95 book         Quantity:  

Lickety-Split Quilts for Little Ones
Lickety-Split Quilts for Little Ones by Laurie Bevan for That Patchwork Place.
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Ref # B823      $24.95 book         Quantity:  

Stashblasters from Gathering Friends
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Ref # GF-126      $20.00 book         Quantity:  

Serenity by Gathering Friends
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Ref # GF-120      $20.00 book         Quantity:  

Angel Appliques
38 Adorable Angel Appliques for Quilts, Clothing and other celestial creations by Kari Pearson
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Ref # AAAp      $19.95 book         Quantity:  

French Braid Obsessions
French Braid Obsession by Jane Hardy Miller. New ideas for the Imaginative Quilter
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Ref # FBO      $21.95 book         Quantity:  

Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather...Celebrating our differences frrom Nancy Norman Originals
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Ref # BRDS      $24.50 book         Quantity:  

Another Can of Worms
Another Can of Worms by Debbie Caffrey. Scrappy quilts using 2 1/2" strips.
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Ref # ACW      $24.00 book         Quantity:  

noodle Soup
Noodle Soup by Debbie Caffrey. Scrappy quilts using 2" strips.
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Ref # NdlS      $23.95 book         Quantity:  

Tried and True
Tried and True New Quilts from Favorite Blocks by Sandy Bonsib from That Patchwork Place
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Ref # B714      $23.95 book         Quantity:  

Hooked on Wool
Hooked on Wool Rugs, Quilts and More
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Ref # B761      $24.95 book         Quantity:  

Raise The Roof
Raise The Roof Appliqued Houses and Buildings By Tonee White for That Patchwork Place
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Ref # B712      $26.95 book         Quantity:  

Big Blocks Easy Quilts
Big Blocks Easy Quilts 16 Fabul.ous Quilts with 'Layer Cake' 10"x10" squares. by Suzanne McNeill
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Ref # BK5340      $21.99 book         Quantity:  

Pillow Party
Pillow Party by Pamela Lindquist for That Patchwork Place Creating pillows from quilt blocks
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Ref # B637      $19.95 book         Quantity:  

Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts
Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts by Bethany S. Reynolds
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Ref # MSW      $19.95 book         Quantity:  

Basket Bonanza
Basket Bonanza 14 Quilts from Best-Loved blocks By Nancy Mahoney for That Patchwork Place
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Ref # B670      $24.95 book         Quantity:  

Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts!
Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts! by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes
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Ref # E1617      $24.95 book         Quantity:  

New quilts from an old favorite. Edited by Linda Baxter Lasco. American Quilter's Society
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Ref # AQS_8152      $27.00 book         Quantity:  

Amazing Ways to use Circles & Rays
Quilts with circles and rays.Includes CD rom. By Renae Haddadin. American Quilter's Society
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Ref # AQS_8154      $27.00 book         Quantity:  

Blocks, Borders, Quilts!
A mix and match work book for designing your own quilts by Sunny Steinkuhler from That Patchwork Place.
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Ref # B1127      $27.99 book         Quantity:  

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